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Red Schooner Malbec

$ 1,810.00


Winery: Caymus Vineyards
Grape: Malbec
Aging: 15 months in French oak barrels (50% new)
Region: Mendoza
Winemaker: Chuck Wagner
Food pairing: Cortes Sonorenses y Argentinos, chamorro, stews, ideal with Mexican haute cuisine.


It all started with appreciating a good Malbec. Years ago, we wondered if we could do it in Napa, but we had no luck getting quality grapes in Rutherford and in the mountains at Atlas Peak. In winter of 2009 and 2010 visiting the Andes mountain range, a place known for its intense sun and high viticulture, the best Malbec was sought, which started as an experiment, it would become a reality, grapes were sent protecting them in their transportation even Napa Valley, upon receiving the fruit in Caymus, a slow and delicate winemaking process was carried out.


A Caymus style, from Malbec de Mendoza, definitely intense, but at the same time velvety, fine tannins. Of refined character, special, unique and balanced.

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