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Rolu Tempranillo
Rolu Tempranillo

Rolu Tempranillo

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Winery: Rolu
Grape: Tempranillo
Aging: 18 months in new French oak barrels
Region: San Vicente, Baja California, Mexico.
Winemaker: Luis Rodriguez
Food pairing: Ideal with haute cuisine based on pasta with light sauces roasted lamb and goat, river fish, cheeses, cold meats and soft cheeses.


Tempranillo is a red with great structure and this allows an excellent coexistence with oak to achieve a wine of aging. It is resistant to oxidation so it can spend much more time than other varieties in wood. With a long aging in oak, the flavors acquire intensity with a point of coffee beans and dried fruits, evolving towards woody and roasted notes, with a complex and enveloping bouquet.


It has a pleasant intense red color and violet hues. Its aromas include fruity notes such as cherry, plum and spices, mainly cloves and vanilla; leather and tobacco can also be slightly detected.

It is characterized by having a leather flavor mixed with cherry, giving this drink a smooth texture that will persist on the palate for a long time.