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Sileni Sauvignon Blanc

$ 623.00

100% Sauvignon Blanc.


White wine

Malborough, New Zealand.

Pale yellow color with green reflection, and gray meniscus. Clean and bright. Fragrant and clean nose that evokes the aroma of pear and guava, on citrus backgrounds, with some citrus and passion fruit. Its nuances of fresh grass with a little asparagus and lychee are delicious. It is a wine with a clear flavor that expresses great freshness with a delicate acid tip, with nerve, reminiscent of lime and grapefruit. Its palate is dry, passing light and elegant.

Rest in a stainless steel fermentation tank for three months.

Food pairing:
As an aperitif it is excellent, it is worth trying it with cold avocado soup or with a good Andalusian gazpacho, (base of pepper, tomato, cucumber and fine herbs, among other things) cockles or garlic shrimp go well or some slices of bonito marinated with lemon.

Serving temperature:

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