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About Us

The Bottle Shop was born out of love, and perhaps, a necessity.

Coming from California and being major wine lovers, we find the choices are limited when it comes to wine in Mexico.  There are the big department stores that don't have a great selection or smaller stores that don't have great stock. Neither one has knowledgeable staff or well-chosen wines that are curated or interesting.

We want The Bottle Shop to be the place for wine lovers--a place you can rely on to find a terrific bottle of wine that doesn't cost a lot,  a place where you can call to ask for advice, a place where people know your name and what you like to drink, a place when you can come and meet new friends, a place that can deliver wine to your door on demand.

We love being a part of this wonderful community and we look forward to serving you.  Come visit us online or in person.  We can't wait to meet you!