Amontillado del Príncipe

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Palomino Fino


Fortified wine

Jerez, Spain

View: Beautiful amber color, typical characteristic of the Amontillados. Clean and bright.
Nose: Intense, elegant and seductive nose. Saline, hazelnut and toasted notes.
Mouth: Good balance and structure, long memory. We appreciate the typical dryness of the amontillados that reinforce its complexity. Good aftertaste.

The aging is biological and oxidative in Jerez American oak casks with the traditional system of criaderas and soleras, with 12 years under flower veil and 4 years of oxidative aging. After the fermentation of the palomino grape must, the most delicate wines are chosen and topped with wine alcohol up to 15% vol. This fortified wine called "sobretablas" is intended for aging in Jerez casks, usually 500 liters, so that the flower veil develops on the surface.  Formed by yeasts of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae, this veil transforms the sobretablas into chamomile over time. The aging system is characterized by the sacks and dew of the wine between the criaderas and soleras of the different wineries. After 8 years of biological aging, the wine is fortified with wine alcohol up to 18º and enters an oxidative aging system for 4 years. Oxidative aging is also carried out in American oak casks, with the sack and spray system. The casks are completely filled and the wine undergoes a physicochemical oxidation that transforms the chamomile into an amontillado.

Food pairing:
Perfect accompaniment to appetizers such as ham, dried fruits and old cheeses

Serving temperature:
12º - 13


91 Parker
91 Penin

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