Edición Limitada Nebbiolo Monte Xanic

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100% Nebbiolo

Monte Xanic


Valle de Guadalupe, B.C.

The Nebbiolo Limited Edition is a clean, bright wine with a closed layer with a ruby ​​hue and an intense cherry color. Its aromas are very intense and clean. The fragrances that emanate from the glass take us to a fantasy forest. Primary notes of blackberries, wild raspberries, plums and cherries are perceived, accompanied by rose petals and violets. In addition, they are contemplated with essences reminiscent of vanilla, cinnamon, chestnuts, cardamom, white truffles, wood, dairy and toasted. It has an exquisite aromatic complexity. It is a nice attack wine due to its sweet tannin, fresh acidity and warm alcohol. The body is velvety, due to the fineness of the tannins. The aromas in the mouth confirm what is perceived by the nose, vanilla, cinnamon, walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, violets, truffle and liquorice. It has good structure and a long bouquet.

Aged in French oak.

Food pairing:
Excellent to accompany quail to the fathoms, kid, black chichilo mole, message, pork with red message among others.

Serving temperature:
18-20º C

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