Monte Xanic - Chenin Blanc Cosecha Tardía

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Grapes: Chenin Blanc 100%

Region: Mexico / Baja California / Valle de Guadalupe

Type: Dessert wine

Vintage: 2018

Tasting Notes:
Color: Clean, transparent wine with green tones and lemon-yellow color.
Nose: Crisp and highly intense on the nose. Notes of fleshy and ripe stone fruit like peach, yellow plum, apricot, lychee, and mango. Also, honey and caramel. Aromas are made even more complex and elegant by the presence of white and milky flowers, such as orange blossoms and magnolias.
Palate: Gentle mouth feel, considered a semi-sweet wine, with fresh acidity, making it both sweet and juicy at the same time. Soft alcohol, and a voluminous body. Mouth aromas are more intense, with notes of peach and lychee in syrup, apricot, ripe pear, anise, and white flowers, again. A very well balanced wine with a long and persistent finish.

Food pairing: Salads with pears, mango or citrus fruit, plate of hard cheeses, foie gras with orange compote, desserts.

Serving temperature: 8 °C

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